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Options for Treating Gap Teeth

When you have a gap between your teeth, especially in the front for everyone to see, it can hurt your self-esteem or confidence level, as well as your dental health. Dentist Dr. Judith Culver of Kokomo Smile Creations can help you solve this problem quickly at her practice for orthodontics in Kokomo, IN.

What is a teeth gap?

Teeth don’t always come in perfectly straight. Sometimes a diastema, or gap, forms between two teeth. This problem can also develop if you have to have a tooth extracted during your teens or early youth when your teeth have yet to settle into place.

You can get your gapped teeth fixed though, and the options provided by orthodontics in Kokomo, IN offer you numerous ways to do so. Depending on the size and location of the gap, you may decide to seek corrective options. Here are five ways Dr. Culver can fix gapped teeth:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: Teens might choose this option that fixes the gap and other teeth alignment issues. Rather than just a cosmetic solution, the straightening of your smile can improve your entire oral health.
  • Clear Aligners: You can also choose clear aligners to close a gap. This re-positioning of your teeth gradually. You can also remove them to eat or drink, which makes it easier to clean them.
  • Veneers: If no other dental problems exist besides the gap, you might choose the efficient fix of dental veneers that bonds porcelain or another similar material to your teeth.
  • Composite Bonding: Like a veneer, but requiring replacement periodically, you can get a large filling that covers the gap. Typically, these consist of a resin-based composite. This option provides a low-cost solution that requires just one visit.
  • Removable Dental Appliance: The dentist creates an appliance that fits over the teeth. This process requires tipping the incisors palatally. The dentist can also use sectional or full-arch appliances.

Contact Dr. Culver of Kokomo Smile Creations today to get started with orthodontics in Kokomo, IN that can fix your gap-toothed smile in one visit or gradually to fix the gap and other problems, too. Phone (765) 452-4677 to set your appointment.

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