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How a Dental Crown Could Help You

Dental crowns are one of the restorations offered by Dr. Judith Culver of Kokomo Smile Creations, your dentist in Kokomo, IN, and could be the answer to your smile problems. Versatile crowns can improve the condition or appearance of teeth.

What Crowns Can Do For Your Smile

Dental crowns fit over the top of your teeth and are often referred to as caps. The restorations are hollow inside, allowing them to slip over the tops of teeth. Before you can receive a crown, your dentist must make your tooth a little smaller to allow the crown to fit over it easily.

They'll also make an impression of your mouth to ensure that your crown fits perfectly. You'll wear a temporary crown for about two weeks until your permanent crown is ready. After making a few adjustments to the crown, your dentist will cement it to your tooth during your final crown visit in the Kokomo, IN, office.

Adding a crown to a tooth can:

  • Enhance Its Appearance: Whether your tooth is discolored, oddly shaped, or crooked, adding a crown can completely change its appearance. Your dentist will choose a crown shade that matches your natural tooth color to ensure that your new crown doesn't stand out.
  • Repair a Broken Tooth: Broken teeth can be painful, affect your appearance, and may make biting and chewing difficult. Adding a crown to a broken tooth restores your tooth's full height and width and improves the way the tooth looks and functions. Once your broken tooth is covered by a crown, your pain will be relieved.
  • Protect an At-Risk Teeth: Teeth are more likely to break if they're weak. Cracks affect the structural integrity of teeth, increasing the risk that they'll break one day while you're eating. Teeth can also weaken due to aging, large fillings, or root canal therapy. Brittle teeth run in some families and can also lead to tooth fractures. Crowns strengthen and protect fragile teeth, preventing them from breaking or crumbling.

Crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth. They're a crucial component of bridges and are used with dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Improve your smile issues with dental crowns! Call your Kokomo, IN, dentist, Dr. Culver of Kokomo Smile Creations, at (765) 452-4677 to schedule your appointment. 

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